w Emca 2009-10

lagon bleu IMG_0074 prepare for drawings in street angouleme, ici, angouleme the result of drawings in the street IMGP2027 IMGP2064 IMGP2070 IMGP2077 IMGP2080 IMGP2084 IMGP2085 IMGP2095 chat 009 chat 012 chat 017 chat 022 chat 024 chat 027 chat 030 chat 044 chat 055 IMG_0120 IMG_0148 IMG_0160 IMG_0168 chat banjo2 chat banjo3 chat 006 chat 010 chat 014 chat 022 snow on the lagon bleu IMG_3663 Marburg, Germany IMG_3700 IMG_3716 IMG_3719 IMG_3723 new year in Marburg S7300525 IMG_3750 S7300539 IMG_3667 IMG_3688 S7300477 DSC00064 DSC00003 DSC00015 DSC00032 DSC00062 DSC00086 19845_242130298864_691753864_3042984_6623570_n 19845_242130398864_691753864_3042988_90756_n eramus power untitled2 untitled1 19845_242165388864_691753864_3043146_831262_n chat 067 Groupe_TirPouss_&_Cie_(1) Groupe_Ti_Pouss_&_Cie Groupe_TirPouss_&_Cie PICT0013 PICT0008 CIMG4298 CIMG4313 CIMG4318 i like my home angouleme, bienvenue dans notre ville CIMG4439 CIMG4454 CIMG4459 CIMG4470 CIMG4475 CIMG4503 CIMG4521 CIMG4523 Luuuuu! un farfadet CIMG4606 CIMG4629 CIMG4634 CIMG4644 CIMG4646 emca, animation s cool CIMG4649 chat 082 chat 097 i like my cat chat 103 une hippie