24 janvier 2011

Joseph Cahill

Today, the course was about czech directors, and we had the chance to meet Joseph Cahill, whose movies you can see here: http://www.pregnantpictures.org/pregnantpictures.org/HOME.html i particularly liked Okénka ( http://www.josephcahillproductions.com/josephcahillproductions.com/OK.html ), but maybe it's because i didn't see everything of what he did. We also watched extracts from Little Otik from Jan Svankmajer, on which he was props person, which meant he had also to deal with the babies. This movie reminds me of... [Lire la suite]
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24 janvier 2011

Karel Zeman, the fabulous world of Jules Verne, 1958

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23 janvier 2011

messages d'erreur

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23 janvier 2011

geek's links, for Doctor Who's fans only

and i already put this one somewhere, but it's so good... watch Doctor Who on Blinkx, on http://tv.blinkx.com/show/doctor-who/2E1_GPqp3el_l_9E
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21 janvier 2011


an exercise we had this week: to adapt a few pages from a BD for children in 4 days. I made the storyboard and animatic, the wasp n ant, most of the sound and the montage. We had some AE problems, so it was not perfect in the end of the 4 days... but i let you find the mistakes yourself! here in low def: during the screening the children laughed at the wasp being hit, that's comforting :)
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17 janvier 2011

en vrac / mixed up

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12 janvier 2011


In this week's course, we had to make an animation in which u can't recognize any figurative thing if u see only one image of it. I did the wolf first, then the fox, and last the rat which is not following the rule at all.
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11 janvier 2011

water dragon

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11 janvier 2011

new link!

a gold mine of animation reeeeeels! http://livlily.blogspot.com/
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10 janvier 2011

Summer days with Coo

This is a short extract. If u plan to watch the whole movie, don't watch the trailer!
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