20 septembre 2010

Deuxième jour

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19 septembre 2010

Le dessin qui tue

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18 septembre 2010

le menu secret de AFx

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18 septembre 2010

le programme des cours

Rectificatif: j'ai vu une semaine apres l'emploi du temps des 1er annees. Ils ont bien mime une fois par semaine, mais toute la journee, ce qui fait qu'ils ont le meme nombre d'heure total que nous l'an dernier. Ca m'apprendra a critiquer.
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16 août 2010

News from a planet called Talwa (novel)

  News from a Planet called Talwatranslated by Lloky from the autobiographical novel To Understand, written by Aiyan Elkwalk Resin. Day 1 (3-5-393G) Hello to you who is reading these lines, and thank you for it.I will try to be as clear and direct as possible, from beginning to end. It's the first time I write something of that kind, so be indulgent.I plan to write in this notebook each day, to report about my ongoing transformation into a non-human form, about the physical and mental transformations it will imply. I... [Lire la suite]
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25 juillet 2010


most beautiful landscapes i ever saw, earth's work clearly visible.spent 2 weeks there. the first we travelled by bus, the second we rented a car to make a tour of the island on road 1 (the only possible road for our little Mini). Camping, needed a good sleeping bag n a blanket to be comfortable in the cold nights. got some 0°C. now i dont want to speak about my life here, but about what i will never forget n i recommand about this cute island, else than what u can find on websites n tourist books i hope. nothing like to go there... [Lire la suite]
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25 juillet 2010


Here it is: my adoptive country!yes i know what people think of it, it's coldish, rainish, the food is not grand, it's mainly sheeps n rocks n beer (i dont drink beer). still, i went there once when i was a child, maybe in Galway. returned in Dublin when 18 for a little month n travelled in youth hostels n discovered the Barley Films n Cartoon Saloon studios. two years later lived in Cork for 10 months, came back for a week the next year to spend some good time. now i long to return. that's for me   now i dont want to... [Lire la suite]
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09 juillet 2010

view from a planet called Elvis

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06 juillet 2010

singin' in the rain

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06 juillet 2010

yes, i can sew! thanks Cha!

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