31 juillet 2012

Eric Joisel, and origamists

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23 mars 2012

Walton Ford

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12 septembre 2011

Sayaka Kajita Ganz and Alex CF

  http://www.sayakaganz.com/Home.html     http://alexcf.com/blog/?page_id=6  
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17 avril 2011

to make the world move

Warning: The links bellow refer to knowledge often deemed mystical or sectarian. But i am sure anybody can find something useful to him in it.  http://www.nous-les-dieux.org/ (fr-en) Nous les dieux (Us, gods), videos, books and knowledge for the evolution of individual consciousness.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversations_with_God Conversations with God (Conversation avec dieu) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Alchemist_(novel)   The Alchemist (L'alchimiste), a... [Lire la suite]
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28 mars 2010

dragon references

Dragonheart       how to train your dragon         one day i'll make my dragons fly too, as perfectly (or better :p) as those!
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15 mars 2010

conversations with god

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24 février 2010

Marina Abramovic

"Rhythm 0, 1974 To test the limits of the relationship between performer and audience, Abramović developed one of her most challenging (and best-known) performances. She assigned a passive role to herself, with the public being the force which would act on her. Abramović had placed upon a table 72 objects that people were allowed to use (a sign informed them) in any way that they chose. Some of these were objects that could give pleasure, while others could be wielded to inflict pain, or to harm her. Among them were... [Lire la suite]
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26 janvier 2010

funny and interesting (in french) http://images.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http://paul.reix.free.fr/citations/fleche_gauche.gif&imgrefurl=http://paul.reix.free.fr/citations/citations_liens.html&usg=__FuttvqGsNnEeBdNs4CKvC49E_LA=&h=320&w=320&sz=30&hl=fr&start=12&tbnid=EHgnDysYz_vSlM:&tbnh=118&tbnw=118&prev=/images?q%3Dfleche%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Dfr
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15 janvier 2010

the milgram experiment

can't believe i didnt know about it before! hope we are going to change. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2836209818734920853&ei=ArVQS9fiHoSC2wLvoNCXCg&q=milgram#
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21 novembre 2009

i will

i had thought i would give news through this blog. obviously im not doing it well ;) the truth is that im learning and doing so much, i should give an account of each course, each hour. but i cannot, so i dont say nothing. in each course i mainly practice, so now i can say i touched paper animation, puppet animation, 3D animation (maya), 2D computer animation (photoshop, flash, after effect), drawing animation (my favourite), storyboard, layout (where i learnt to like making backgrounds). it is unlikely that any of my work on... [Lire la suite]
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